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lean six sigma certification

six sigma yellow Belt

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is for people who are new to the world of Six Sigma and who have a role, an interest or who need to develop fundamental knowledge..

six sigma green belt

A green belt is someone who has at least three years of work experience and wants to demonstrate knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes..

six sigma black belt

A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who can explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including supporting systems and tools.The black belt must demonstrate team leadership, understand team dynamics, and assign roles and responsibilities to team members.

What is Lean six sigma certification ?

The Lean Six Sigma certification validation certification helps qualified professionals identify and eliminate risks, errors, or flaws in the business process. Getting Six Sigma certification usually requires people to have a certain level of experience and certify their skills

The Lean Six Sigma certification methodology, as well as the tools applied, is very powerful, but in fact its strength lies in the structure that makes it work, for which different levels of training and certifications have been created for its effective application.

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six sigma green belt certification:

  • Green belts are employees of different levels in the company who are not dedicated full-time to Lean Six Sigma certification activities, who know the methodology and tools at the application level in the projects to which they are invited. They receive 48 to 72 hours of training in the methodology and knowledge of the tools in general, so that they can supervise small projects or provide support when they are invited to participate in a project


six sigma  yellow belt certification:

  • A Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a professional who, as a Lean expert, leads and maintains Lean Six Sigma implementation projects as part of their regular job responsibilities. Has the skills and knowledge to define and lead Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma events and projects and properly implement strategic and tactical tools using the DMAIC methodology.

six sigma black belt certification :

  • He is an expert in tools, guide teams on projects and coaches others. He is someone who has studied the methodology and tools and demonstrated his skills in the implementation of projects, obtaining results in the reduction of defects and significant financial impacts, in some cases with annual savings of up to at $1 million.
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lean six sigma certification online
lean six sigma certification